A Blender addon for instantly adding a cube in your scene with a Principled Volume configured to appear like a cloud under both EVEE and Cycles renderer.

1. Installation

  1. Downloaded the latest zip through the Blender Market page. https://blendermarket.com/products/cytools

  2. Open Blender, go to Edit > Preference > Addons > Installl...

  3. Locate and select the downloaded Python script file and click Install Add-on

  4. In the Add-ons tab, search for "CY-Tools Instafog" in the search bar. Check the checkbox next to the addon's name to enable it.

2. Usage

Access the addon's panel:

  1. Open a 3D Viewport in Blender.

  2. In the 3D Viewport, locate the Tool Shelf on the right side.

  3. Look for the "CY-Tools" tab and click it to reveal the "CY-Tools Instafog " panel.

The properties are set to the following by default to achieve a cloud look with the Principle Volume using a Musgrave texture. Make sure you have lights in your scene to view the fog properly and feel free to play around with the values. The following should be considered:

  • Scale: This parameter controls the size of the texture. A larger scale value will create a more detailed texture with smaller features, while a smaller scale value will create a smoother texture with larger features.

  • Detail: This parameter controls the amount of high-frequency detail in the texture. A higher detail value will create a more complex texture with more small-scale variations, while a lower detail value will create a simpler texture with fewer variations.

  • Dimension: This parameter controls the overall shape of the texture. Higher values will create a more flat, two-dimensional texture, while lower values will create a more three-dimensional texture with bumps and ridges.

  • Lacunarity: This parameter controls the variation in feature size within the texture. A lower lacunarity value will create a more uniform texture with less variation in feature size, while a higher lacunarity value will create a more varied texture with larger and smaller features mixed together.

3. Recommendations:


Make sure to have a look at Render Properties > Volumetrics parameters. If you have a performing GPU, you can easily set the tile size to 2px to get a more crisp fog, as well as make sure to enable Volumetric Shadows. I personally got good results with Distribution and Light Clamping to 0.


For more control over rendering go to Render Properties > Light Paths parameters. Change the "Volume" value from 0 to a value between 4 to 12 or above depending on your hardware.

Under Render Properties > Volumes, change the Max Steps to control how many samples the volume will render with. You can lower this in case of extremely long render times.

I also recommended to using INSTAFOG in combination with the COLORIZER addon.

4. Development considerations

This addon is still in development and interactions may occasionally not work as expected. Follow this addon on Blender Market to stay tuned regarding any updates.

5. Author and License

Cy-Tools is a suite of Blender Addons created by @cyrusjameskhan and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). See LICENSE for more information.

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