Welcome to the official CY-Tools Documentation.
As a 3D artist working in the domain for more than a decade, I decided to start making tools for speeding up certain processes of mine that were repetitive or a bit tedious and wanted to share those tools with the Blender community. Some add-ons out there are doing similar things, some with extreme complexity. I personally set out to create a minimal, user-friendly set of tools that are affordable and to the point. You can find information about all the current tools under the suite, including:
  • INSTAFOG Create cloud-like fog in one click - Instantly adds a cube in your scene with a Principled Volume configured to appear like a cloud under both EVEE and Cycles renderer.
  • LIGHTGEN Generate random lighting scenarios - Instantly generates Point Lights in the scene to achieve different lighting scenarios.
  • CUBEGEN Generate random cubes - Instantly places cubes in the scene with random positions and scales.
  • WIGGLER Make it shake - Instantly add a rotational wiggling noise modifier to any object, and control the strength and scale to achieve different intensities and speeds.
  • COLORIZER Randomize object colors - Instantly randomize the base color of objects, lights, and volumes.
  • VIEWPOINTS Renders all the selected cameras at once.
  • CYGPT *New* A new experimental toolkit seamlessly integrating AI functionalities within your Blender workspace to elevate your creativity and efficiency to new heights! Requires OpenAI API Key
USEFUL LINKS Blender Market Page: https://blendermarket.com/products/cytools Author website: https://cjkproduction.com
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