Cy-GPT: Blendall-E is a Blender add-on that integrates OpenAI's DALL-E APIs into Blender. This allows you to generate images using OpenAI's DALL-E directly from within the Blender environment.


After installing the add-on, go to the "Image Editor" panel in Blender. In the sidebar, you'll see a new panel labeled "Cy-GPT: Blendall-e".
In the panel, you'll find:
  • A "Prompt" field: Enter a description of the image you want to generate.
  • A "Size" dropdown: Select the resolution of the generated image. Options include 256x256, 512x512, and 1024x1024.
  • A "Generate" button: Click this to generate the image.

Limitations and Warnings

You must use your own API key to interact with OpenAI's DALL-E API. Also, please be aware that DALL-E's API is subject to usage limitations as specified by OpenAI's API terms and conditions.
Last modified 7mo ago